“In a nutshell, I’m loving what I’m doing. I’ve got a happy family, I’ve got a happy job environment. This was my dream!”

~ Premila

“Fibonacci as a company are very supportive of growth and beliefs and family values. If you’re a part of the company, you are part of the Fibonacci Family, they respect what you do as a person. They let you move up the ladder.”

~ John

“I think this shop, because I’ve worked all over the world, this is one of the best shops I worked in for that. Once I’ve started, I just loved it!”

~ Lisa

“The reason we chose Fibonacci because they were easy going and they are willing to open my interest of what I want to do with this bakery. No other franchises have done this. And then they would train me what I don’t know about coffee yet.”

~ Jonathan

“I like the coffee, I love the boys. The boys are absolutely beautiful people. And I like the fact that there is support there. So from starting my own, it would just be me. But with the franchise, I got the support that if I do something wrong, I have help.”

~ Catherine