Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a coffee franchise?

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How To Start Your Franchise Journey

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Is it smart to open a coffee franchise given the number of competitors in the market?

Leaning on years of industry experience would lend you a distinct advantage to join a proven system. You see most franchise systems have already figured out what works and what doesn’t. By joining a franchise, you are reducing a great deal of risk and avoiding making costly mistakes.

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Can I choose my preferred location to open the franchise?

Yes, You can definitely choose your preferred location. Fibonacci will help you evaluate the feasibility of your chosen location and can also offer locations for your consideration.

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I am a New Australian, can I apply for a Fibonacci Franchise?

Yes, start the process here.

What documents will you require from me for a Fibonacci Franchise Application?

At the start, we really just want to hear about your dreams and aspirations of cafe ownership. In saying that the minimum requirement to join the group is your ability to access $100,000 and answer some simple questions.

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How much is the Marketing & Royalty Fee?

We do not charge any percentage Marketing or Royalty fee which means you end up with more money in your pocket everyday. Interested?

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How much money will I make?

The level of investment and site selection you make will determine the level of potential income you can make. Once we are clear on both of these, we can help you assess the potential.

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What is the investment of shop consist of?

The investment is broken down into two components. The first being the construction cost which include things like lease negotiations, agent fees, shop designs, shop fit outs, project management, equipment, and certifications. The other components are the franchise fees which will include 5-weeks full training, launch support, all operational manuals and platforms, access to all approved suppliers, on-going support, and access to all intellectual property and branding.

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Who will find a suitable shop location?

We have available locations for you but we can help you find your preferred location.

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How long does it take for me to own a Fibonacci Franchise?

It will take roughly 3 to 6 months.

Inquiry- Face to Face Meeting- Oh! Day 1-2 weeks
Approval and Paperworks 1-2 weeks
Site Selection and Negotiation 2-6 weeks
Select builder & training 2-3 weeks
Shop design 2-3 weeks
Shop fit out 4-8 weeks

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What is expected of me as a franchisee? (What do we expect from you?)

Fibonacci expects you to trust the system and follow it. We expect you to be professional and courteous with all that you come in contact with, from your customers to your suppliers to the Fibonacci family members. Decided to join?

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What ongoing support is offered?

The on-going support consists of the following:

A. Dedicated Relationship Manger. This is the person who knows your business and is available by phone or email to answer any questions that may arise in your franchise journey.

B. Site Visits.This is to help you identify areas of strengths and areas where things can be improved in your shop.

C. Quality Expert Advice. From time to time a coffee expert, a food consultant, and someone who specializes in the field will come to your shop and assist you in continually improving the standards in the area of their expertise. In other words, they will come and help you improve your shop.

D. Spiral Platform. This is an online platform that centralizes all intellectual property & strategy unique only to the Fibonacci Franchise System.

E. On-going Training. These will be done through the Spiral Platform and all external training programs.

F. Together with all Franchise Partners, we do Research & Development continually to grow and innovate its offerings through the online platform.

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Do I need any previous experience?

No. Our extensive training program teaches you every aspect of running the business.

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Can I purchase a running cafe?

Yes, at any point we have some corporate store and franchisee who is looking to sell, we will be happy to discuss them with you when we meet.

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