Fitting in Your Small Community as a Franchise Owner

Being a part of your local community, especially if you are a new member of it, is one of the most important things people are striving to achieve. Everyone wants to feel that they belong in a certain place and to build strong, friendly relationships with their neighbours. For families with children it is even more important, because they want their kids to grow up surrounded by friends, learning the true values of love, friendship, and the community spirit.


One of the ways in which you can fit in and give back to your community is by running a business and offering high quality products and services to the people in your local area. However, running a business is a risky activity, fraught with the possibility of failure, losing all your savings, and even getting in debt. This is why franchises are the recommended business model for first-time entrepreneurs.

Franchises are not 100%, but they come with the guarantee of an established brand name, a turnkey business model, consistent training and continuous support for franchise owners. As a franchise owner, you can offer your family a better life through an increased income, and become a valuable member in your local community.

Here is how you can fit in as a franchise owner:

  1. You Create Jobs

Opening a franchised business means that you have to scout for a location, decorate and furnish it, and hire people and services in order to operate it. All these activities will create jobs or support other businesses in your local community, starting with the real estate office which will find your store location, and ending with the local accountant who will keep the books for your business.

Every new business opening in a small local community contributes to the growth and welfare of everyone living in that community, directly or indirectly.

  1. Your Franchised Business Helps Increase the Market Value of Properties

When a well-known franchised business opens in a small community, the value of lands and buildings grows throughout the local area. It is an important added value to the existing market value of real estate and it gives the perception of improved living conditions, more economic stability, and more opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

  1. Your Franchiser Will Create Events for the Community

Franchised businesses have the advantage of relying on a powerful international network with a great financial power. These networks are able and willing to invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and marketing activities and events which benefit the entire community. Many franchisors turn to charity activities and events in order to grow their reputation and goodwill, especially in communities where they open their first store.

  1. You Can Expand Your Business and Community Reach Faster

Compared to a traditional business model, franchised businesses encourage expansion with affordable costs. Creating more jobs, and more opportunities for local residents to do their shopping or enjoy your products and services, will create a second and third wave of awareness and added value to the local community.

As your business reach grows, and you become the owner of more franchised units, you will be able to discuss with your franchisor and create tailored events and programmes especially for your community. In this way, you can give back to your community, find your place as a valued member, and enjoy a fulfilling life among friends and neighbours.

Thus, from a brand new member in your community, you can become an important asset to your local area by creating new jobs and opportunities for everyone around you, and also fulfilling your own dream of being an independent business owner.